About our company

The company V. ARVANITIS - D. ROPODIS GP (A & R constructions) was founded in 2003 by architect Arvanitis Vasilios architect-engineer and Rodopis Dimitrios civil engineer. Arvanitis Vasilios has been active in the construction sector since 1983 and Rodopi Dimitrios since 1996. Over the years, the projects that have been implemented ensure the quality of life for the citizen, the protection of the environment and combine the quality of construction with modern aesthetics.

Consistency, quality and respect for the customer, has been the company's great success, resulting in our continuous upward course in these difficult times of our industry. The excellent know-how of the object, the high quality of services combined with our well structured organizational function make us the most experienced and reliable in the field. Today, the company works with a series of experienced and well-trained construction groups so that the quality of our constructions is at a very high level.

A & R constructions from the day of its foundation up to today has a wide range of activities that are:

  • Construction of new buildings
  • Restoration-renovation of retained buildings
  • Renovations-change of use of banks, office and residential buildings
  • Luxury homes
  • Cottages
  • Hotels

The company is mainly active in Attica but its flexibility and the network of its partners make it directly competitive in the whole of Greece. The company has a very large clientele. There are private individuals, government agencies, public limited companies and banking institutions. Indicatively, we mention: ODEON SA , PIRAEUS BANK, NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE, PETSIAVAS S.A., INTERAMERICAN, METLIFE, AXA, OPENBER, ELECTROLUX, XEROX etc.

The company's objective is to continuously improve its services to its customers, to constantly adapt to the new developments taking place in our country with European standards, the development of the sector of energy efficiency and compliance with the environmental protection rules.